Nothing Like a Live Game

Living in South Africa can be interesting and tough, and with our bosses breathing down our necks during the week, we need to be able to relax and unwind over the weekend. Luckily, we have a big sport to support in our country – rugby. To be able to watch rugby live and without any interruptions, is something we look forward to every weekend, by supporting our favourite teams and showing our devotion anywhere we are. But one question always remains…


Where is the best place to watch rugby live?

Come join us at Elephant & Friends! We offer a unique and cosy experience that includes proper food, drinks, and even live music after the game. Feel free to bring your whole circle of friends, and have a look at our daily specials. We will keep you entertained and enjoying every single part of the rugby game as it unfolds, while you enjoy our food.


What makes a live game even better?

Well, we all know how much we love our food, and that rugby and good food go together like bread and butter. On our menu, you will find a wide range of choices, including:

  • Breakfast
  • Bar Snacks
  • Burgers
  • Main Meals from the Grill
  • Salads
  • Pizza

We also offer our own Homemade Sauces for you to enjoy with your meal. Once your meal is done, you will need something to wash it all down with, and this is where our wide variety of drinks will quench your thirst. Our drinks menu includes everything from craft beer to your favourite wines. What a fantastic way to watch rugby live!


What about the specials?

Here at Elephant & Friends, we run daily specials on lunch and dinner, as well as drinks specials to keep you from a dry throat. Come and enjoy the weekends with us and raise the bar on your weekend experience with the best daily specials around.


What are you waiting for?

Keep us in mind for the weekend and invite all your friends to join you and watch some live rugby with us. Whether it is Super Rugby season or Currie Cup time, we will cater for the best possible experience you could have and ensure a fabulous meal to fill your tummy, with some beer to complement it afterwards, all while supporting your favourite team.

Watching live rugby never sounded this good before, so let Elephant & Friends become part of your weekend plans today!