While there is a misconception that running a bar or a restaurant is easy, the opposite is actually true, as starting a new bar or restaurant can be a cumbersome affair. This is why so many people opt for a franchise, as the brand is already established, there are already procedures in place, and the marketing is generally done by a central body. It also means that you have access to support and training when needed, and you are able to tap into an already established supplier base that may provide you with better discounts and products.

Owning a franchised sports pub in Pretoria may also mean that you have a lot of competition and your marketing will have to be done very well. Often, when a new sports bar opens, it is a novelty in the area and it can do very well without much effort for the first few months, and then once the novelty has worn off, start to struggle with turnover and profits. This is where a franchise can help – assistance with marketing and management can be a huge benefit to the new business owner, and the skills and experience of the franchise can be of great use in the short, medium and long term.

If you are keen to own a franchise and to run your own sports pub in Pretoria, you could benefit greatly from visiting your local Elephant & Friends sports pub. Our business was started in 2003 and the objective was to provide a sports pub where live entertainment could take place, and where great food provided outstanding value for money. It is a lively, relaxed environment and the décor is simple, yet tasteful. Years of running our business successfully turned it into a well-loved brand, and franchise opportunities are now available.

If you are keen to find out more about how to own your own sports pub in Pretoria, give our team a call today!