Would You Like to Own Your Own Successful Pub Franchise?

For anyone who has ever dreamed of owning their own successful business, the prospect of building a brand from the ground up is daunting. What if you could buy into an established pub brand and build on the success of others? At Elephant & Friends, our growing pub brand continues to reach new heights.

We have worked hard to make our brand a welcoming pub where friends gather in a convivial atmosphere, while enjoying the surrounds of a warm and vibrant pub and grill. Since 2009, the owners of Elephant & Friends have shaped the brand to become a pub that offers a fresh approach to casual, local entertainment.


Buy into an Established Pub Brand

The idea behind Elephant & Friends was to create a cosy venue offering non-stop and great entertainment with simple, but great food, incredible value for money and a safe space to get together with friends. Years of hard work and passion in developing and polishing our renowned brand have rewarded us with a successful business and proven model, which is now available as a franchise opportunity.

Throughout our nearly ten-year history, our brand has evolved into becoming a well-loved and popular venue for a wide range of socially diverse patrons. Our patrons come together from far and wide, from Monday to Saturday, because we provide:

  • a well-equipped sports bar;
  • stimulating, vibrant ambiance;
  • daily specials and weekly promotions;
  • excellent meals and epic portion sizes from early to late; and
  • great local entertainment every day, with more than 70 bands and musicians on our books.


Catering to Contemporary Customers

Even though food sales only contribute to a small percentage of our gross sales, it proves to attract a greater clientele and adds nearly 30% of turnover to the main income line of alcoholic and other types of beverages. We have made sure that our menu reflects the taste of the contemporary customer, and ensure that all our meals are of the best quality.

Our décor at Elephant & Friends reflects an ambiance of welcoming comfort and relaxation. First impressions last, after all, and we aspire to attract new and regular patrons with our inviting atmosphere. Tap into our years of perfected skills that have helped us to make our brand the success that it is today. Contact us to learn more about our brand, and invest in your own successful pub franchise.