Many people dream of being self-employed, and the hospitality industry is full of entrepreneurs who started successful operations that later morphed into successful franchises. One of the best ways in which to ensure the success of a new live music pub in Johannesburg is to be a very good business manager, to have access to the relevant finances, and also to consider purchasing a franchise.

Starting any new business requires drive, business savvy, the ability to work with people, and access to a good cash flow, and starting a live music pub in Johannesburg or Gauteng is no different. People sometimes think that owning or running a bar or club is easy, but the reality is that pub owners usually put in a lot more hours of work for a lot less revenue. Successful bar owners have clarity of vision, meticulous attention to detail and do their homework, and if you are the type of person who can learn the ins and outs of this type of business quickly, you will have a greater chance of turning your pub into a great success.

A new bar that is well run can turn from red into the black within 6 months, and recoup the total setup expenses in around three to five years. New businesses can be hard to start and some of the main reasons that they fail is because the business owner doesn’t know the business, has no viable support, or struggles to get the brand off the ground. Franchises, however, usually have a solid business plan, provide good support and the brand has already proven to be successful. Nobody is going to invest in a failing franchise, and as a result, the owners of franchise networks tend to work hard to generate brand recognition and a positive reaction to the business by clients. They also tend to support their franchisees to ensure that the operation is run successfully.

One of the franchises that is now making an appearance on the South African social scene, and in particular in Gauteng, is Elephant & Friends, and those who are interested in running their own live music pub in Johannesburg will be well advised to take a closer look at our franchise. Our brand is already established and a variety of franchises are up and running already. Elephant & Friends is now associated with good music acts, great food, a pleasant ambience and fun. These franchises all stick to the values of simple but tasty food, great value for money, wonderful entertainment and a relaxed atmosphere.

For more information about Elephant & Friends, contact our office, and we will have you running your very own live music pub in Johannesburg in a jiffy!