South Africans love their pubs, of that there is no doubt. With more and more world-class pubs opening their doors, competition is getting stiff. At Elephant & Friends pubs, this is why it’s even more important to maintain our standards of excellence that have helped us to become one of the leading chains of pubs near Johannesburg.

Our customers know what to expect when they visit an Elephant & Friends pub, and we continue to work hard to raise our standards even further. When you visit us, you can expect to find our legendary portions, affordable drinks, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and friendly staff ready to make your night out memorable for all the right reasons.

What’s more, you can also expect to find some of Johannesburg’s best talent providing live music entertainment while you enjoy your lunch or dinner, or even just drinks with mates. It all comes together to form the Elephant & Friends pub experience that has become treasured among our loyal customers who return time and again for the same.

Demand More from Pubs near Johannesburg

We always believe that there is more we can do to provide our customers with an even more enjoyable experience and greater value for money. This is why we are always updating our specials menu, developing new and exciting drinks and cocktails. and getting fresh talent in to entertain the crowds.

However, there are certain things that never change, like our commitment to our customers to providing them with the best pub experiences. We remain committed to using only the freshest ingredients to prepare our legendary menu items, keep portions the famous size that our customers have come to expect, and give you a safe space to unwind and get together with your friends and loved ones.

We bring together a team of the industry’s best at each of our pubs near Johannesburg, to ensure that you get the experience that you expect from us. Nothing is more important to us than the complete satisfaction of our customers and we don’t mind going the extra mile to ensure that with every visit.

Our teams are proud of what we’ve been able to achieve. To learn more about our various pubs close to Johannesburg and their locations, contact us at Elephant & Friends today. We look forward to welcoming you to our pubs and seeing you again.