It is that time of the day again. The clock seems to have been on a go-slow and all you can think about is escaping to a place where you can relax, unwind and just simply be without the stresses and strain of work hounding you. As you shut down your computer or pack away your work tools, all you can think about is gripping an ice cold beer or glass of wine, drowning your ears in some good music and enjoying some tasty treats. Where to go to though? Elephant and Friends of course – only one of the best pubs in the Gauteng area! Here, relaxation is our number one menu item. Whether you are chilling on your own or want to get out and about with a group of your best buddies, we at Elephant and Friends welcome you with open arms. 

What’s to be had at Elephant and Friends? Fun – that’s what! Not only do we have a menu that is jam packed with delectable treats, we also have a stock of drinks to quench any thirst and an entertainment line-up to get excited about. Jägermeister promotions, various drinks specials, live bands, friendly bar staff and an upbeat atmosphere – what more could you really ask for from your local pub? 

Elephant and Friends welcomes all over 18s to take advantage of our drinks specials, cocktails, shooters and more! We have great every day specials to offer and encourage you and your friends to take some time out of your busy day to spend a lunch time or evening with us – you won’t be disappointed. 

If you like the vibe of live events and want to be a part of the fun, then browsing through our events section on our website will keep you updated and informed. Never miss out on festivities again – our calendar offers all the details you need, for all of our branches. You can even check out our featured band profiles of all the musicians who have taken the time to entertain the crowds at Elephant and Friends. 

The time to say no to mediocrity is now! Our pub is dynamic, fun-focused and delivers a service excellence that will simply impress. Forget about venturing to other establishments when the time or night of your life awaits you at Elephant and Friends. 

At Elephant and Friends, we believe in providing only the best of everything all the time to our patrons! This means that you can expect to have a phenomenal experience when spending some time at our pub, which is certainly one of the best pubs in Gauteng – and we welcome you.