The day has been dragging and all you can seem to think about is escaping the responsibilities of work and treating yourself to some pub specials in Johannesburg. Where is there to go? What is there to do? Being able to walk away from the office is one thing, but knowing that you are venturing off to relax and unwind before returning home can really give you something to look forward to in the day. Say goodbye to work stresses as you sit back and take your first sip of a cold beer or a glass of fresh, crisp wine. At Elephant & Friends we welcome you alone, with your work colleagues or with your friends! Come and enjoy some of our food and drinks specials and bask in the awesome vibe of our friendly upbeat environment. 

At Elephant & Friends, we offer our patrons fun and a menu that is simply jam packed with mouth-watering treats. We also have a whole host of drinks for you to choose from and an entertainment line-up that will quench the boredom and drain of a long day. We are confident that you will feel right at home being helped by our friendly bar staff, tapping your foot to some great tunes played by our live bands and indulging in our Jägermeister and other drinks promotions. 

Our pub specials involving our drinks, shooters, cocktails and similar are aimed at our patrons who are 18 years of age or older. Bring your friends, settle in and enjoy a lunch time or evening with us with simply no regrets. We also have some great lunch time specials where you can choose from a variety of featured meals and be provided with a free beverage of cold drink too. Our lunch time rates are extra special and our meals are absolutely delicious enough to leave you wanting more. 

We have a great events section available on our website where we keep you up to date with the latest live events and functions being held at Elephant & Friends. Our calendar will offer you all the details that you can also check out some featured band profiles that we offer on musicians who have been invited to wow the crows at Elephant & Friends. There is absolutely nothing mediocre about spending some time at our restaurant and pub and you are sure to want to return with more friends and family in the near future. 

If you are looking for a local place to hang out, meet up and simply chill then we have just what you need at Elephant & Friends. Our festive vibe and trendy atmosphere are sure to have you hooked and we welcome you to make our place your own. 

Whether you are keen to pay us a visit on the weekend, at lunch time or on a week night, we are ready and waiting to make it memorable. Take some time out, kick back, chill out and indulge in some of our pub specials in Johannesburg and Elephant & Friends today.