Many loyal supporters of Elephant & Friends pubs know where to head for a tasty pub meal and live music in Pretoria. If you are looking for a welcoming atmosphere from your pub, fresh and tasty food and a welcome escape from the hustle of your everyday life, then this is exactly what you will find at our pubs.

We know just how challenging modern day life can be, and we strive to make your day just that little bit less stressful. If you need an escape and want to enjoy live music in Pretoria, then head over to your local Elephant & Friends pub. We work with some of the best local talent to keep you thoroughly entertained during your pub dinners and drinks. You are welcome to visit our inviting pub, where good food and drinks flow and where a friendly ambience is always at hand.

Choose Elephant & Friends for Live Music in Pretoria

We offer many great specials, aside from our already amazing menu. Drinks are affordable and food tasty, and when you add our live music performances, you are set for a great night of warm entertainment with your friends and loved ones. Enjoy our fun environment and quality food and let your hair down for a few hours.

Our team works hard to provide a little some for every one of our customers. Whether you are in search of a pub lunch experience, just a place to have some drinks with mates or a tasty dinner with live music in Pretoria, we cater for everyone’s needs. Live music nights are perfectly ideal to be shared with family and friends.

We not only offer live music performances in Pretoria during weekends, but also during the week. There is always something happening at Elephant & Friends. Our shooters and drinks specials always offer a great start to the evening. The friendly team of professionals behind Elephant & Friends look forward to welcoming you to our pub and providing you with everything you will need to enjoy a memorable, relaxing and fun evening.

There are so many reasons why you should enjoy your lunches, dinners and drinks with us. We are passionate about providing you with a fun experience every time you visit us. To learn more about Elephant & Friends pubs and out fantastic live music nights in Pretoria, contact us today.