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Pretoria Pubs - What to Expect at Elephant & Friends
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 The pubs in Pretoria are mostly fun places to hang out with your friends and enjoy the times you do not need to be at work. Usually, a couple of drinks with a couple of friends will let anyone forget about the working week, and enjoy the weekend to its fullest. Even though some people are easy to please, others might demand a bit more than just a simple bar with a regular selection of drinks and food. Elephant & Friends can offer you much more than just the regular pub experience in Pretoria.

What to Expect at Elephant & Friends


  1. Great Food

One thing that pubs should have is a wide selection of high-quality food, and that is exactly what you can expect at Elephant & Friends. Lunch and dinner specials run daily, and will not only save you some money, but also sate your hunger. Our extended menu features breakfasts, bar snacks, burgers, salads, and pizzas that will make your mouth water for more. We also feature a selection of home-made sauces to accompany your main meal.


  1. Excellent Drinks Selection

At Elephant & Friends, we run regular drinks specials and can accommodate you with all the pub mixes you have grown to love over the years. Should you be more of a wine lover, we have an extensive selection of white and red wines to suit your taste, including dry, semi-sweet, and sparkling wines for those celebratory occasions. For the beer lovers, we have a fine selection of craft beer to enjoy, with regular draughts available as well.


  1. Live Music

What would Pretoria pubs be without live music? At Elephant & Friends, we feature a selection of some of the best musicians Gauteng has to offer, with complete gig guides available on our website to ensure that you do not miss your favourite artists performing live on our stage. Apart from the music, we also do other events on stage. Tuesday nights are quiz nights at Elephant & Friends, so pull in and show us how much you and your friends know about this world we live in.

For a complete and fun pub experience in Pretoria, Elephant & Friends has it all. Come and join us for a quick lunch break  or a relaxing evening spent with fun people, while enjoying some live music and a cold beer. Let us be your entertainment over weekends, with live sports while you enjoy delicious food and a wide selection of drinks. Come and see why Elephant & Friends is one of the best pubs in Pretoria!