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Where’s the Party At? | Party Venues in Pretoria | Elephant & Friends
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Where’s the Party At?

As 2017 winds down to an inevitable end, so does the working year. As a result, the pressure is on to get all your work done before the holiday kicks in. Hard work throughout the week is deserving of some proper relaxation over a weekend. Should you be looking for a brilliant party venue in Pretoria, Elephant & Friends is the ideal place for you and your friends to let loose and forget about a hectic week at work.


The Perfect Combination

For any party to be enjoyable and fun, you need three basic elements – food, drink, and music. At Elephant & Friends, we offer a combination of these three elements, ensuring that our venue in Pretoria caters for a fun time with friends.

  1. Food

Our menu is designed to cater for a wide spectrum of taste and preference, with more than enough mouth-watering choices that will leave you satisfied. Our menu items include bar snacks, burgers, salads, and pizza, with a selection of gourmet sauces to accompany your meal. We also have a selection of breakfasts and main meals to ensure that you can enjoy our fantastic food any time of the day.

  1. Drink

We would not be a party venue in Pretoria without the proper selection of alcoholic beverages. Our drinks menu offers an assortment of wines for the ladies and craft beers for the gentlemen, with the usual mixes available from our bar as well.

  1. Music

As a party venue in Pretoria, we also have a stage to host live music. Our stage is graced by some of the best available talent in and around Pretoria, with free entrance to the public. For information about when your favourite artists will be performing, feel free to check out our gig guide. Come have a blast of a time with us at Elephant & Friends, and let those proverbial batteries receive a much-needed recharge to face the coming week.