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Pretoria Entertainment - Elephant and Friends Pub & Grill
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There are few things that can measure up to the entertaining experience Pretoria pubs offer. Whether you are after the allure of tasty food or live entertainment, or a welcoming venue where you can enjoy the game on a big screen with mates, pubs in Pretoria remain a crucial part of the city’s culture.

At Elephant & Friends pubs, you can always look forward to our famous portion sizes, affordable drinks and fresh food, and the very best live music and entertainment in Pretoria. Our company is making pubs fun, welcoming and engaging again, with a warm atmosphere to welcome weary travellers from all walks of life in search of a place to rest their bones. Our pubs are safe and enjoyable spaces where you can socialise with friends over weekends or just unwind after a long day of work.

We are proud of our reputation as welcoming and friendly pubs with an emphasis on warm hospitality. Each of our pubs is tailored to offer South Africans the quintessential pub experience everyone is in search of. We do this while also keeping our pubs up to date and appealing to the new generations of South Africans that expect modern elements combined with their pub experience.

Raising the Standards of Pretoria Pubs

Throughout our illustrious history, we have worked to raise the standards of Pretoria pubs and give our patrons a truly remarkable and value for money experience. Now, our pubs are more popular than ever and attract day labourers and professionals, and everyone in between who is in search of great food, great company and a fun, welcoming atmosphere.

You deserve more for your money and we work hard to give it to you. Never again will you have to settle for subpar quality food, dubious portions or watered down drinks. You know exactly what you are getting when visiting any of our pubs and can look forward to the same high standards time and again when you return. If you are in search of great quality Pretoria pubs that place their customers’ needs above all else, while enjoying the best value for money and live entertainment that the city has to offer, then you have found it with our pubs.

Throughout the years, we have developed a great lunch menu with dinner specials, as well as our set menu, featuring golden favourite items and new innovative choices. We only use the very freshest ingredients and prepare our legendary portions to the highest possible standards. We know that after a long day of work all you want to do is sit back and enjoy a beer among friendly faces, and tuck into a lovingly prepared meal that offers true value for money.

To find out why our Pretoria pubs are leading the industry forward and to learn more about how we can provide you with that great pub experience that you are looking for, contact us at Elephant & Friends today. We look forward to welcoming you to our pubs.