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Party Venue in Pretoria | Live Music | Elephant & Friends
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Once the weekend comes along, we tend to relax and head out with family and friends to have a pleasant and carefree time. We generally have a usual spot where we like to hang out, due to the atmosphere, the drinks, the prices, and the menu selection. These are all aspects that we take into consideration when choosing a place to unwind, without even realising it.

However, our thought process is a little different when wanting to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary, as simply going out with friends is not enough. We want specific party venues in Pretoria that cater to all our needs, with the food and drinks being of everyone’s taste, and the prices being right as well.

If you are on the lookout for such a venue, look no further than Elephant & Friends!


Where is the Party at?


Elephant & Friends is one of the few great party venues in Pretoria, with one of our branches being situated in Moreleta Park. If you are looking for a pub that serves genuine meals and has live music, not to mention a wide variety of drinks to choose from, you will certainly find that Elephant & Friends lives up to your expectations. With a menu that caters to just about everyone, you can be rest assured that you and your friends will have more than enough delicious food to enjoy, with specials to keep everyone’s throat from drying out as well.

Live music, featuring some of the best local musicians out there, will give both you and your guests a genuine vibe. You will certainly enjoy an evening filled with happiness and laughter at Elephant & Friends – delivering on all your requirements for party venues in Pretoria. Come have a fantastic party with us and all your friends, and forget about life’s worries weighing you down.

Feel free to browse our website for any information regarding our menu, drinks selection, and our gig guides to see when your favourite artists will be performing on our stages. If you are not  looking for specific party venues in Pretoria, you and your friends can still pop in for a great time – with live sports broadcasts over the weekends, and lunch specials for those who would like a break from their offices while enjoying their lunch. Choose Elephant & Friends today, and come join us for an amazing time!