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Our History

fasa-logoIn a growing, young suburb on the eastern outskirts of Pretoria, tucked into a small, select shopping centre, you can on any day find a gathering of friends in a convivial mood in the warm and vibrant pub and grill, Elephant and Friends. Elephant and Friends was acquired in 2009 by Morne & Mandy Reichert, residents of Pretoria whose purpose was to provide a fresh approach to casual, local entertainment.

The idea was to create a cosy venue with non-stop, great entertainment with simple, but great food, and fantastic value for money. Years of hard work and passion in developing and polishing our product and service has rewarded us with a very successful business, which is now available to you as a franchise opportunity.

Our Offering

Elephant and Friends has become a well-loved and very popular venue for a wide-ranging and socially diverse set of patrons. They come from far and wide to gather from Monday to Saturday because we provide:

Although food sales only contribute to a relatively small percentage of our gross sales, it has proved to attract a greater clientele and adds almost 30% of turnover to the main income line of alcoholic and other beverages. Our menu reflects the taste of the contemporary customer and we pride ourselves on the best quality meals. The menu includes our famous ribs, burgers, nachos, steaks, baskets and platters, all at extremely competitive prices. All this makes for a truly great success story.

The décor at Elephant and Friends is designed to create an ambience of welcoming comfort and relaxation. First impressions last, and we aspire to attract new and regular patrons with our inviting atmosphere. Over the years we have perfected our buying skills and have increased our buying power by matching the big groups with our volumes, thus getting the best prices. Providing affordable products and services increases our sales volumes and affords us greater bargaining power.

Elephant and Friends has achieved a reputation for management and service of an exceptionally high standard. This has been made possible through on-going training, including training in life skills, business acumen, people skills and most importantly, in self-knowledge and understanding one’s own limitations. This has enabled us to develop a dream team of dedicated, loyal and committed staff who know that the owners will support them and stand in for them whenever the need arises. Our philosophy is to enable each employee to grow and advance in their ability from cleaner to supervisor to manager if possible. Our investment in our staff is a critical factor in the sum of our success.

Selection Criteria

As a franchisee of an Elephant and Friends establishment you will own your own business, but it is important to know that the running of your business must conform to the business format of Elephant and Friends. Selection criteria are stringent and we will take the following aspects into consideration when assessing a potential franchisee:

  • The ability to deliver on a very high level
  • Loyalty to the brand at all times
  • Excellent standards of service delivery
  • Excellent customer and community relations
  • Excellent financial management skills
  • The ability to delegate and also be a hands-on manager
  • Stock management skills
  • Computer literacy
  • A high level of business acumen
  • Credit worthiness
  • Financial soundness
  • A tertiary business qualification, if possible
  • Presentable in appearance and of good health
  • Self motivation, drive and enthusiasm
What We Offer You
  • Assistance in evaluating and selecting an appropriate site for the premises
  • Assistance with the negotiation of the lease of the premises
  • The interior design and outfitting of the venue
  • Assistance with site development and obtaining landlord approval
  • Project management
  • Training of owner, management and staff in the following aspects
  • Business management
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning and hygiene
  • Food costing management
  • Assistance with financing applications
  • Accounting services, if needed
  • Best price negotiating and group buying power
  • A computer programme which manages the full operation of the business
Application Information

An upfront application fee of R10,000 will be payable before the application process can be initiated. This process will include an entry interview and follow-up interview, an in-depth written evaluation and in-store assessments. Should you wish to take up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, please contact us for more information and we will send you more information to get started.

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