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Our pubs are tailored to offer South Africans the traditional pub experience that they are looking for, while combining it with modern elements that keep our Gauteng pubs fresh and appealing. Throughout the years, we at Elephant & Friends have worked hard to raise the standards of pubs in South Africa again. Today, our pubs are popular destinations for everyone, from professionals to labourers, and everyone in between who is in search of a welcoming atmosphere, and great food and drinks.

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If you are looking for Gauteng pubs that offer a good time, value for money and the best live entertainment in the city, then you will fit in well with your local Elephant & Friends pub. We have developed great lunch and dinner specials, along with our set menu, and only use the freshest ingredients to prepare our legendary portions.

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There simply is no question which pub to visit in Gauteng. Start enjoying your evenings again with tasty and affordable dinners at Elephant & Friends, and make your lunches exciting again. Whether you want to share a meal with your significant other, or have a welcoming place to spend time with your mates and watch the match on a big screen TV, our pubs are your first choice. Contact us at Elephant & Friends to learn more about our lunch specials and dinner menu, and for the latest on our exciting drinks menu too.