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Cocktail Bar in Pretoria - Elephant & Friends
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Our company is growing at a phenomenal rate, as more South Africans discover our great offering of good food, live entertainment, tasty drinks and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. South Africa has some of the best artists in the world, and we love giving them a platform to connect with their fans and audiences. Look forward to being entertained by performers during the week and over weekends, while you enjoy drinks and food with your friends and loved ones.

Enjoy a Night Out at Pretoria’s Trendiest Cocktail Bar

Spend some of your valuable downtime with us and unwind in the company of friends. We are known for our legendary portions, great quality and tasty drinks, and for bringing the best live entertainment to our valued patrons. Share in the great atmosphere that we create for our patrons and enjoy fantastic service. Aside from being the trendiest cocktail bar in Pretoria, we are also a leading live entertainment venue, and with good reason.

We have invested heavily in quality sound systems to provide a fun night out for our patrons. With regular weekday and evening specials, weekend promotions, and a broad and ever-changing menu of drinks and food, we keep things fresh and happening at our cocktail bar in Pretoria. Look forward to enjoying exceptional value for money, as well as getting more for your money. With an innovative menu, exciting drinks and a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, you are in for a great evening and memorable experience every time you visit us.

Our professional hospitality teams look forward to welcoming you to Elephant & Friends. We’ll go out of our way to make every visit a memorable one. Contact us to learn more about our cocktail bar in Pretoria, and for more information on Pretoria’s prominent live entertainment venue. We are raising the standards for live entertainment in Pretoria, and look forward to taking you on the journey with us.